Commercial Property

Documents a seller should provide in a commercial transaction: A closer look

The sale of any property requires documents to be provided to the purchaser to progress the sale. In commercial property, there are specific documents to supply which are detailed below.   Commercial Property Standard Enquiries Energy Performance Certificate Planning/Building Regulation Certificates VAT documents Service Charge Accounts Title Documents Contract Insurance Asbestos Report Fire Risk Assessment

Wills & Probate

Gifting the family home – The risks

While many people consider gifting their family home to children or other relatives during their lifetime, it is important to understand that gifting the family home whilst you are still living there may have significant risks and consequences that should be considered, and legal advice should be sought before taking any action. Here are some

Wills & Probate

Increases to the statutory legacy.

The Government has recently announced an increase to the Statutory Legacy, up to £322,000 from the previous £270,000 which took affect on the 26th July 2023. What is the Statutory Legacy? If you die without a Will, you are deemed to have died intestate, and your estate will be distributed in accordance with the intestacy

Family Law

Cohabitation – what are they and when to use them?

What is a cohabitation agreement? A cohabitation agreement is an agreement between two or more people who have decided to live together as a couple or otherwise. The agreement provides a record of each party’s rights and responsibilities in relation to the property where they live/ intend to live together, financial arrangements for during and

Wills & Probate

The use of trusts in Wills

Using a trust in a Will to pass on inheritance will mean that the intended beneficiary does not have full control of the capital or the income from the asset. It would be controlled by the Trustees. A Trustee is duty-bound to follow the terms of the trust and therefore they should be someone you