Family Law

What is arbitration?

If you are divorcing your spouse, dissolving your civil partnership or separating from your partner, part of this process will be to agree the division of your assets and/or arrangements for your children. These issues can be agreed between you, you can instruct solicitors to enter into negotiations on your behalf, or as a last

Wills & Probate

Deed of Variation

Have you recently inherited and plan to change your share of inheritance by giving it to family, friends, or donating to charity? Do you wish to share part of your inheritance with others? If so, you should consider a ‘Deed of Variation’. A Deed of Variation is used for a number of reasons including tax

Dispute Resolution

Noisy Neighbours

Having noisy neighbours is a common problem, but what constitutes a nuisance noise is not always straight forward. Nuisance noise can come in a variety of forms: • Arguments • Loud or bass-heavy music • TVs • DIY projects • Moving furniture • Alarms • Ball games • Dogs barking • Door slamming No house

Dispute Resolution

Boundary disputes with neighbours

One of the most common disputes between neighbours is the boundaries between their properties. Boundary disputes can be in relation to commercial, residential and agricultural land. Residential boundary disputes are the most common. We are often asked to help clients with boundary wall disputes or with issues relating to boundary fence ownership. Get help as