Dispute Resolution

Changes to Section 21 and No Fault Eviction

The ‘no fault eviction’, also known as the ‘Section 21 eviction’ provides landlords the right to repossess a property, even if there has been no problem with the tenant. The right to possess property has provided landlords with a peace of mind, ultimately knowing that they can regain possession of their rental property with a

Residential Conveyancing

Flying Freeholds

What are they? A flying freehold occurs where part of a property either overhangs or lies beneath another person’s property. Examples of flying freeholds include: Whilst a flying freehold is unlikely to cause an issue to a person in everyday life, having a flying freehold may present an issue for a person when they come

Employment Law

How to handle discrimination claims in the workplace.

Advice for employees What is unfair discrimination? Discrimination is the unfair treatment of someone because of certain characteristics people have, meaning they belong to a particular group, for example, negative treatment to groups of people in office because of certain characteristic. Some examples of discrimination include: What does it involve? Discrimination can take many forms