Wills & Probate

What is a Deed of Variation?

A beneficiary of an estate may choose to vary their entitlement under a Will or the rules of intestacy (if the deceased died without a valid Will), in what is known as a deed of variation. Any changes made under a deed of variation are read back for tax purposes, as if the deceased made


Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

What is a Tree Preservation Order? A tree preservation order is an order made by a local planning authority and is a way to protect trees of amenity value, meaning they are of a certain value to the local community, have an importance to wildlife and this includes trees that are threatened due to a

Wills & Probate

How does marriage affect your Will?

When getting married it is important to consider how it will affect your Will, and the distribution of your estate. Many people wrongly believe that a Will written before marriage will remain valid. This is not the case however, and the marriage will revoke any existing Will, unless specific wording was included in the existing