Dispute Resolution

Boundary disputes with neighbours

One of the most common disputes between neighbours is the boundaries between their properties. Boundary disputes can be in relation to commercial, residential and agricultural land. Residential boundary disputes are the most common. We are often asked to help clients with boundary wall disputes or with issues relating to boundary fence ownership. Get help as

Family Law

What is a private FDR?

If you are divorcing from your spouse or dissolving your civil partnership, part of the process is agreeing on the division of your assets, which includes exchanging financial information with your spouse. Once you have shared the financial information, you may be able to agree between yourselves, or with support from a solicitor or mediator,

Family Law

Can I change the locks after separating?

If you are going through a divorce, dissolving your civil partnership, or have recently separated from your partner, you may find it difficult to remain in the same property together whilst you are making arrangements for contact with your children or dividing your assets. It may be tempting to change the locks on the property